Let's Burn

The Pyrography Academy is here to share the love of wood-burning, connect with other creatives + learn from each other.

Pyrography Cafe

Here I can spend more time serving you and I am excited to create this space where you can ask questions, get answers and feedback, and more importantly get community support to grow + learn.

 My mission is that you get to learn a lot, connect with your fellow pyro artists, grow your wood-burning + business skills and never feel alone in this journey!


There are so many projects you can do with wood-burning such as Welcome signs, cutting boards, magnets, bookmarks, ornaments, boxes, wall decor, keychains, jewelry, and the list goes on!

If you are brand new to wood burning and need some guidance check out my introductory tutorial to start learning what you need to know about wood burning.  

About Petra

When I first started wood-burning in 2005 I didn’t know how relaxing and fun this could be. What was meant to be a jewelry project turned into a passion all on its own!

As someone who is self-taught and started out with just the basics of wood-burning, I am always searching to add to my skill set but that means sometimes running into less than detailed instructions and as well as understanding the terminology across the world.

Get the Kit

Everything you need to make beautiful wood-burned pieces of art.
● Wood-burning tool
● 1 medium-sized wood pieces  
● 2 Coaster/Magnet wood pieces  
● Graphite Paper  
● 2 Sanding Block  

Finding the right tools can be a challenge when you don’t know where to get started, and I am making it easy. 

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